Hello, I’m Julien Henzelin

Co-director of EPSN (école professionnelle supérieure de naturopathie). The first swiss-french school accredited by the OrTra AM which provide the federal diploma of naturopath in european traditional medicine. The only school in Switzerland to provide the teaching of P.-V. Marchesseau.


I am 36 years old, entrepreneur & naturopath. My family is part of the naturopath revolution in Switzerland since my grand father who created the school in 1992 and followed the teaching of the founder of the french naturopathy, Pierre-Valentin Marchesseau. 


EPSN is located at La Serre to propose modern rooms for the school but more than that to create for the students, professors and workers a real community around what is naturopathy : human being, food habits, exercices, physical & mental improvement. Everything is united together in the same place. 



Hello, I’m Sébastien Cadoux

Director of Luncheonette et Mon jardin Secret. I was into the "healthy lifestyle" since 2010 when i lived some years in Hollywood, California. Luncheonette is the first take-away of Swiss-french part of Switzerland that provide fresh, healthy food for a descent price, settled in 2012.


I am 38 years old, entrepreneur. My history with healty food began right after coming back from California when I noticed that it was really difficult to find healthy food at lunch. 


I decided to create Luncheonette to fill the demand. Nowadays I have different places with healthy and gluten-free food in Lausanne. 


A new Luncheonette is located at La Serre to serve fresh and healthy food to anybody outside or inside the community.